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A blog about our Comedy Theatre-Music-Film productions in Amsterdam.

Sensenom Productions presents our latest Theatre Comedy: ¡PUTAS!

¡Putas!, our latest Film-Theatre Comedy.

On the 5th of June the premiere of our latest Film-Theatre Comedy Show took place in Amsterdam.

This time it was in Spanglish or
better said, in Spanish and a (tiny) bit of English.

A play with
lovely PUTAS,
foxy TAPAS and
tasty MUSIC and CINEMA!

Why "puta"?
"Puta" (slut) is a extremely mean word that many mums don't allow to use.
If you look it up in Wikipedia you´ll find that: "In Roman mythology, according to Arnobious, Puta presided over the pruning of trees".

But, what does "puta" really mean?
If you want to find it out, come to our newest Comedy Show: ¡Putas!
A comedy with TAPAS and.... in Spanish!

When was it again?
On Saturday 5th June, 20:30
and a matinée on Sunday 6th June, 14:30 by Het pleintheatre.
The tapas eaters were there a couple of hours before the play emptying the fridge of the theatre...

I've heard it was HOT will I be able to see it again?
Maybe... we're working on it. Be patient but, above all, send us your money. Don't forget we're sluts!

We already dared the crisis with ridicously cheap prices (8€ play/13€ with tapas) but on top of that we also gave away a few VIP tickets to the audience that could prove - in their way - that they were really in need/were the poorest.

Thanks for all the participants which happen to be the winners too:
Patricia and Andrea

Theatre cast (in order of darkness colour of the skin):
  • Astra: Clara Cendrós
  • María: Cristina Bolis
  • Eva: Aida Mussach
  • Justin: Peter More
  • Voice Auntie: Angela Mussach
  • Voice Costumer: Rick Phelps
Theatre crew (in disorder)
  • Soundtrack and decor: Michalis Androutsopoulos
  • Lighting/ Vj tecnician:Quim Llorens
  • Poetry:Sílvia Fernández Coll
  • Photography:Hans Schepp
  • Poster design:Clara Cendrós
  • Theatre assistant: Luís Durán
  • Format, script, director and producer: Aida Rodríguez
If you don't speak any Spanish...
you'd better start learning some words here:

Frequently asked questions:
  • I don't speak Spanish, will I get anything? We were saying "please, don't you chicken out and come whether you speak Spanish or not. .. you'll find out why..." The truth is... EVERYONE Spanish and non Spanish speakers claims to have understood everything. Are we that easy? Next time in Japanese!
  • After the show, will I be able to chat up Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas? Some of us did.
  • Are they playing too? We didn't even asked them. We have a much better cast so much in their role!
  • Is it true that one actor in a previous show couldnt' find Het Pleintheatre? Totally true so... if you have never been there... take your time and look the address in the map.
  • Was that actor named Lolu? We'll never answer that question...

Sensenom Productions presenta su nueva comedia teatral: ¡PUTAS!

¡Putas!, nuestra última Teatro-Cine-Comedia se estrenó el pasado 5 de junio en Amsterdam.

Nuestra primera obra en Spanglish o, mejor dicho, en español y un poquito de inglés...

¡Una obra con
PUTAS picantes,
TAPAS y una
riquísima MÚSICA y CINE!

¿Por qué "¡Putas!"?
"Puta" es una palabra desprestigiada, una palabrota que muchas madres prohíben a sus hijos... Si lo buscas en Wikipedia encontrarás la siguiente definición: "En la mitología romana, segú Arnobious, Puta presidía la poda de los árboles".

Perfecto pero, ¿qué es lo que realmente significa "puta"?
Si quieres saber lo qué significa o sencillamente, si tienes hambre, no te pierdas nuestra próxima representación de ¡Putas!
¡Una comedia con TAPAS y... en español!

¿Cuándo fue?
Estrenamos el sábado 5 de Junio, 20:30 y hicimos la matiné el d
omingo 6 de Junio, 14:30 en
Het pleintheatre de Amsterdam.


No sólo hicimos frente a la crisis con unos precios de escándalo (8 € la obra/ 13 € con tapas) sino que tiramos la casa por la ventana dando varios pases VIP para la audiencia que nos mostró - a su manera - tener más necesidad/ser el más pobre.

Gracias a todos los participantes que, casualmente, también son los ganadores:
Patricia y Andrea

Reparto (en orden de oscuridad de la piel):
  • Astra: Clara Cendrós
  • María: Cristina Bolis
  • Eva: Aida Mussach
  • Justin: Peter More
  • Voz tía: Angela Mussach
  • Voz cliente: Rick Phelps
La tripulación (en desorden)
  • Banda sonora y decorado: Michalis Androutsopoulos
  • Luces/ VJ: Quim Llorens
  • Poesía: Sílvia Fernández Coll
  • Fotografía póster: Hans Schepp
  • Diseño póster: Clara Cendrós
  • Asistente en el teatro: Luís Durán
  • Vídeos: Aida Rodríguez
  • Formato, guión, dirección y producción: Aida Rodríguez
Si no hablas nada de español...
empieza a practicar desde ahora:

TO BIO OR NOT TO BIO in premiere in September!

in the
Thursday 10/9 SOLD OUT
Friday 11/9 SOLD OUT
Saturday 12/9 DOUBLE SOLD OUT

Thank you all for your support and laughs!

We didn't expected to have this overbooking, specially since we spent all the budget for promotion in chocolate ...

But word to mouth seems to work!!!

So, please, keep spreading the word... in the mean time we´ll do our best to do some extra shows where we can all fit!

¨To Bio or not to bio¨,
a freshly organic summer production takes us into the lives of Percy and Luisa, a young couple that will leave everything behind to start a new simpler life.

But things don't go as a expected...
In short, a ¨David & Goliath¨ story but greener and with much foxier characters...

Improv theatre
and a very special soundtrack

All this... based in a
TRUE STORY! So, if you cry you won´t be wasting tears in fiction.
And if you laugh, go ahead, cause it´s still a comedy!!!

Aida Rodríguez

Written by: Ben Silburn & Aida Rodríguez

Soundtrack: Michalis Androutsopoulos & Bob Billy

Theatre cast (in order of appearance):

  • Luisa: Aida Mussach
  • Maureen: Kate Fraser
  • Percy: Ben Silburn
  • EKO label administrative: Nicole Mischler
  • Organic plant: Paola Zandra
  • GMO plant 1: Clara Cendrós
  • GMO plant 2: Cristina Bolis
  • Lawyer: Peter More
  • Judge: Rob Ben Zeev

Coreographer: Thomas Falk

Film directors/editors: Hans Schep, Luís Duran, Claudia Donati, Ben Silburn, Aida Rodríguez

3D animation: Aaron Selmi
Lighting/VJ tecnician: Quim Llorens
Advisor: Barbara Duifjes

Special thanks to:

Amsterdam Fringe Festival


Overtoom 301

And to everyone that helped and all our friends, family, fellows, lovers, neighbours...

Dedicated to:
Percy and Louise Schmeiser

Green improv: 3 days in Amsterdam!

The only 100% organic Improv-Theater-Music show in Amsterdam!
And YES! Since with our last show we were totally sold out, we played 3 shows this time!

The ingredients of that show are:

- Great International Improv-theatre teams coming from USA, Australia, the Netherlands and Spain.
- Genious musicians that will mix drums, keyboard and harp, guitar and bass.
- A few latino sexy-presenters.
- A clean green 100% organic environment.

If you want to see how dangerous GREENS can bee, check our video:

When was it?

Het Plein Theater (26th March and 26th April ) and De Nieuwe Anita (16th May)... That last one ended up with a Bob Billy concert and DJ Folko and Art.

Was I there?
If you don´t remember, you probably were not there or drank too much in the break.... In both cases, no problem, come to the next one and we will refresh your mind with more vegetables, comedy and music!

Just keep looking at our weblog, every day, like 10 times would do... Don´t worry, we won´t tell your boss you´re on the Internet during working hours (as long as you come to our shows, of course....).


The American team: Nicole Mischler, Trista Mrema, Lolu Ajayi

The Australians: Kiki Hohnen, Ashley Moore, Luke Davies

The Americans: Rick Phelps, Nicole Mischler, Margo van de Linde,

Dutchies & Co: Annelies van Dam, Gerry van der Laan, Neil Robinson, Martijn Proemstra

El Moustachios: Ben Silburn, Jochem Meijer, Peter More, Aida Mussach

Presentators: Lambros Fisfis, Aida Mussach, Rod Ben Zeev

Lighting tecnician: Quim Llorens

Live music: Wiwap & Bobbilly

Composer music trailer: Michalis Androutsopoulos
Format/director/producer: Aida Rodríguez

Baby, baby, baby: sold out both days in Amsterdam!

"Baby, baby, baby" our first



“Fil-Thea" (Film-Theatre)


was SOLD OUT both days in Amsterdam!

Thank you all for...

...buying the ticket!

Don't be shy, watch the trailer here:

More blablabla about the play:

With an exciting and moving plot, "Baby, Baby, baby", takes us into the lives of Chloe and George, a couple with just one wish: a baby.

"Baby, baby, baby" is an explosive cocktail that will make you laugh and think at the same time (or think later, depending on the person…) A cocktail with a recipe combining the freshness of improvised dialogues, with the structure of a classical play, spiced up with the energy of live theatre and the detail of film. All this mixed together with a fantastic soundtrack specially composed for the piece, and a great, witty (and sexy) cast.

Soundtrack: Michalis Androutsopoulos & Bobbilly
Theatre Cast: Rick Phelps, Kiki Hohnen, Gerry van der Laan, Nicole Mischler, Peter More, Aida Mussach, Lolu Ajayi
Video Cast: Rod Ben Zeev, Jeremiah Fleming, Adam Etmanski, Alan Dixon, Cassandra Dixon, Neil Robinson, Sander Kuit, Ian, Ella, Ray and Jake Phelps and... Rodolfito!
Composer music trailer: Michalis Androutsopoulos
Format/director/producer: Aida Rodríguez